$15.00 / month




Our VIP service will cover all games we host.

Empyrion Servers will cover warranty on all structures and will have custom VIP Only items coming soon. See Discord post for details.

Rust will have its perks listed soon. See Discord post for details.

Other games will be covered as we host them.


NOTE: Coverage does not include the contents of the structure. As long as you are not PvPing with it, it will be replaced at no additional cost.

*Disclaimer:   Dysfunctional Family Servers is not associated with Eleon Game Studios in any way. When Donating for services or items from our store, you are not buying the item. You are Donating for the ability to use those items provided to you by Dysfunctional Family Servers (DFS) on our servers. As well as Donating for the time it takes to create these custom items and render said services.

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Warranty Coverage

3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months