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Office of Slingblades and Dysfunctional Family

This is my current gaming setup and work station.

Welcome to the DFS (Dysfunctional Family Servers) Community Web Page. We have been in operation since July 2020, we now own two physical servers with more to come. We are a family that was built of GWK (Gamers with Kids) this means that the main group of us have children and want a safe place for us and our kids to play the games we love.

The best part of being a gaming community is communication. DFS uses discord for the base of our communication. This is also the fastest way to get up with admins and help with any part of whatever game you are playing.

We run Empyrion servers, Rust servers. We also play other games such as Modded Minecraft, Eco, Ark, just to name a few. As we grow we will add the servers we need for the other games we play. These servers are always up even if we go days with no players as the GWK people bounce from game to game. Our most played is Empyrion though.

Dysfunctional Family Servers

Empyrion Servers:

First and foremost welcome to the family. We run multiple Empyrion servers under the Dysfunction Family name. We should have the game play type you are looking for. Our most popular servers are our Reforged Eden servers that we run custom settings on.

We are running a vanilla server as well with some custom DFS items. This would be like the single player game play but with friends and family. All our servers can be voted on through empyrion-servers.com.

Direct Voting:

Rust Server:

We also have a Rust server that is family friendly. Our server does have lots of mods and also is full PvE(Player vs Environment) only, this helps us keep the drama out of our server. Some of the mods we run are ar as follows.

10x drop rate.

ZLevels – This gives you bonuses to your drop rates and crafting time.

No structure stability – build as tall or as big as you want.

Mymini – gives you a mini chop that you can fly and it takes no damage.

Backpack – gives you extra carry space and also wipe safe.

Skin Box – Gives you free skins for items in the game.

Tree Planter – Allows you to buy and plant trees within your building zone.